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guidance for interview

how to prepare for a medical school interview

The council arrived at the top six candidates after each council member emailed their top candidate choices to Human Resources Manager Leah Crockett. Crockett then tallied the choices and arrived at the top six candidates. Crossville City Councilman Scot Shanks said he wanted to get moving forward with the process of hiring a city manager and said he’d like to see the council vote on a new city manager by the February monthly meeting. He suggested video conferencing for an initial interview. With candidates applying from Florida, Virginia and Idaho, it would be unfair to expect them to come here at their own expense, Shanks said. “I’d hate for someone to come all the way from Idaho and in two minutes we know they’re not the one,” Shanks said. Councilman Pamala Harris agreed and suggested video conferencing for the first round of interviews. Shanks asked Crockett her thoughts. Crockett said she thought it might be an advantage to those candidates who live closer. “I like the idea of video conference and then weed it down and do an in-person interview,” Crockett said. Councilman Danny Wyatt said he didn’t see anything wrong with giving the candidates the option to come to Crossville in person, so they could tour the area and meet in person.

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