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Different weightings apply as you scale, but early on, theres this notion of CMRR or CARR, which is Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue or Committed Annual Recurring Revenue. This includes contracted revenue that may not go live, in addition to imminent customer churn. This figure is these details important because its a leading indicator of business. It answers the question, What is the exact state of the businesss health today? Sujan: As a business grows past 10 million ARR, hitting that traction point, what metrics become important? Do they change? Byron: Early on, its all about establishing market fit and growing revenue and figuring out the model. As you start to get to that 5,10,15 million ARR level, then you start needing to prove that the business can scale. Thats when we look at things such as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), payback, and churn rate. We look at the ratio of customer lifetime value to CAC and then free cash flow. Collectively, those are the top five metrics we look at in the growth stage. Specifically what were looking at more these days is something we call the customer efficiency score, which is basically the interplay between the growth rate and capital efficiency.

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12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Certified Aviation Services, LLC (CAS) is pleased to announce the receiving of quality management system certification to AS9110 by third party registrar NSF (National Science Foundation).The scope of this interview skills lesson plan certification covers work away from the repair station (Go Team Process) and Line Maintenance accomplished at Ontario International Airport. AS9110 is a widely adopted quality management system standard within the aerospace industry. This standard is based on the “process approach” methodology allowing organizations to better manage numerous linked tasks and reduce defects, while continually improving quality. “…holding AS9110 certification provides validation and security to AerospaceOEMsand supply chainsbecause it indicates that the holder is organized and has a specific criteria and methodology to meet customer requirements,” said Michael Turpin, General Manager of Recovery Repair and Modifications. “We reviewed and revised CAS processes over a 16-month period of intense process modeling and we are now looking forward to continual improvement across the entire organization.” About Certified Aviation Services CAS (Certified Aviation Services) is a leading provider of MRO services for fleet operators around the world. Throughout our nationwide network, CAS offers a wide range of aircraft and component repair services that provide our customers innovative, cost-effective solutions when and where they need it. Backed by more than 200 world-class A&P mechanics and 25+ years of service, CAS is one of the most experienced MRO services providers in the world. For more information, visit . This content was issued through the press release distribution service at For more info visit: .

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