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selection interview

After finalizing the names, officials reflected on the importance that they make certain to weigh next week’s decision heavily. medical interview online course“I think it’s easier sometimes to get re-elected rather than elected in the first place,” Councilwoman Alexandra Lynch said. “Really (we are) appointing someone who could potentially serve for nine years, so I think (this process) is an important function.” On Tuesday, before narrowing the applicant pool, officials debated whether they should interview every applicant, or instead narrow the pool down to the top candidates to condense the appointment process. “Very excited that we have 17 applicants,” resident Vicky Uhland said. “I realize that 17 is a lot but I would urge that everyone get an interview.” Since Dowling announced his resignation plans last month, residents have urged Lafayette leaders to conduct interviews for all applicants to provide a more open government. “I think that when we are voting for people we have multiple opportunities to get to know them,” Uhland said. “If we don’t get to see everyone interviewed all we can see is their application; for a City Council choice, that’s not enough.” While officials will conduct an interview process to fill the seat, the city’s charter gives council members much flexibility to appoint temporary members to council. “There’s a 30-day window for when the council accepts the resignation to when they have to act,” said City Administrator Gary Klaphake, after Dowling announced his resignation. “The clock starts on July 19 and then they must invent the process. Other than that, it’s whatever they decide to do. They are only bound by that timeline.” Whoever is appointed to fill Dowling’s seat later this month will only be guaranteed a spot until next year’s regular election.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Lafayette City Council narrows list of candidates for open seat to 7 – Boulder Daily Camera

selection interview

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